What is El Paso County Citizen Outreach Group:

Pursuant to §§30-11-IOI(l)(e) and 30-11-I07(l)(e), the County of El Paso through the El Paso County Board of County Commissioners has created the El Paso County Citizen Outreach Group to serve as a committee to review and assess, in its capacity, the progress of the County Strategic Plan, the County’s Five (5) Year Financial Roadmap, and the activity of the Public Safety tax, in an effort to provide the Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) and County Administration with update(s) and recommendation(s). The COG, in its capacity, shall support the County’s efforts in hosting the County Citizens College, the County Fair, and other related events, in order to encourage and enhance transparency and collaboration between citizens and County government.

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Members and Length of Terms:

The El Paso County Citizen Outreach Group shall be composed of eleven (11) voting members comprised of one (1) citizen recommendation from each of the County’s five (5) Commissioners and six (6) at-large citizen appointees. The COG shall also include two (2) non-voting Ex-Officio members: The County Administrator or designee, and Budget Officer.

Sarah Brittain Jack – Term expires November 2026

Carl Frazier – Term expires November 2026

Arthur Glynn – Term expires November 2026

James Godfrey – Term expires November 2026

Ruble Henderson – Term expires November 2026

Ed Dills – Serves at the pleasure of the Carrie Geitner, Commissioner District 1

For a copy of the Citizen Outreach Group’s bylaws, click here