Fair Advisory Board


The El Paso County Fair Advisory Board assists with the development, management, programming, operation, and maintenance of the Fair and Events Complex in Calhan. Board members also help to produce the annual County Fair.


Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m.at Swink Hall on the El Paso County Fairgrounds, 366 10th Street, Calhan, CO.

Members and Length of Terms:

The board consists of nine regular members appointed by the Board of County Commissioners for three-year terms. An unspecified number of associate members may be appointed for a one-year term. Terms are limited to two full consecutive terms, except for associate members who may serve an indefinite number of terms.

Click here for a list of current El Paso County Fair Advisory Board members and staff liaisons.

*For further information, please contact the Boards and Commissions Administrator at 719-520-6555.