The Board of El Paso County Commissioners recognized May 4 through May 13 as Neighbor Up! Week and expressed its appreciation for CONO’s vital work on behalf of citizens through the support of El Paso County neighborhoods.

The Council of Neighbors and Organizations (CONO) advocates for the empowering of local neighborhoods, to celebrate community through various local, free events during Neighbor Up! Week.

“Neighborhoods are the building blocks of communities, and one of the basic units of democracy in America,” Commissioner Stan VanderWerf read the proclamation into the record. “CONO works to achieve its vision to create neighborhoods that are safe, healthy and thriving places to live.”

Diana Loschen, CONO CE0, said, “We’re excited to kick off our fourth annual Neighbor Up! Week.”

Throughout Neighbor Up! Week citizens will participate in block parties and park picnics across the community, will have unique opportunities to bowl and play whirly ball for a cause, and celebrate the Neighborhood of the Year and Neighborhood Champion of the Year during an ice-cream social.

“We have 15 block parties and park events throughout the city and county to break those barriers for neighbors to connect with each other,” said Sara Vaas, Assistant Director of CONO. “My hope is that in a few years when people hear Neighbor Up Week they know it’s time for their neighborhood to get together and celebrate those relationships.”

Commissioner VanderWerf said, “I think what you do in the community is important by helping local communities be effective at the smallest form of government which are neighborhood associations and home owners associations.”

For a full list of all Neighbor Up! Week events, go to