What to expect when moving to unincorporated El Paso County?

This region is known for both productivity and relaxation, with a hard-working business climate, unmatched outdoor recreation opportunities, and a bustling tourism industry. However, the thing that makes El Paso County particularly special is the values of the people who live here. The Board of County Commissioners stand by the Code of the West, a cultural creed that has defined service and integrity for the residents of this region since the late 1800s when the area was first made home by European travelers.

The Code resembles a heart of self-provision and genuine actions, which is still embodied by the many residents who live for other’s sake, take care of their own, and spur one another on to love and good works today. With limited access to city services, those who choose to live in the countryside of our great region have the opportunity to create their own destiny, apart from authoritative intervention but also live far from some modern services, such as quick emergency responses, consistent road maintenance, and slower internet speeds among other unique challenges. To that end, we are providing you with the following information to help you make an educated and informed decision to purchase rural land. Please review our list of calculated risks before moving to unincorporated El Paso County.

Code of the West

The Code of the West was first chronicled by the famous western writer, Zane Grey.

We always seek to do the right thing and be accountable for our work.

We thrive when facing changing circumstances.

We deliver dependable services our customers can count on.

We know that how is as important as what we communicate.

Like cowboys of the old west, we ride for the brand and protect it like it was our own.

We sincerely hope that you can enjoy your decision to join our creed and live in our wonderful countryside. We also want to make sure you make a well-informed decision about purchasing rural land by reviewing our list of calculated risks. Welcome to our beautiful county and enjoy your new country estate.